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My Papa’s Waltz - Battered Knuckles Essay - 686 Words

My Papa’s Waltz - Battered Knuckles Many people look back on memories with a pleasant slant. A backpacker may love to go to the mountains, but every time that person ventures out he encounters a blizzard. The weather is not always conducive to the backpacker and can cause great discomfort. However, when the hiker returns to his normal routine he usually forgets about the bad experience so that he can continue loving the mountains and happily plan his next adventure. Similarly, Theodore Roethkes, My Papas Waltz is a poem about a man who tries to make a horrible event into something much more pleasant to think about. The speaker seems to be remembering back to his childhood and finally uncovers dark memories about his father.†¦show more content†¦The speaker in this poem is obviously bothered by the smell of the liquor on his fathers breath and the actions the alcohol facilitates. Some people drink for the sport of getting drunk. However, in this poem, the father is not a pleasant drunk to be around. When the speaker states We romped until the pans / slid from the kitchen shelf, the reader gets the impression that the father is roughhousing with the son (5-6). It is not until the speaker says The hand that held my wrist (9) that one realizes that he is being physically held by his father. The child has no choice but to keep on waltzing. There is nobody that is going to stop what is going on in this house due to the fact that the mother is simply watching. The boy did not realize his father was doing anything wrong until he remembers back to his childhood and comes to understand what really happened. He discovers that his childhood wasnt actually like everyone else. That may be why the speaker is now looking back on these drunken nights and remembering how horrible they were. A strong case for physical abuse could be made by reasoning that this is not just one occurrence of drunken behavior because the speaker reveals how his fathers knuckles are battered. His knuckles would not have been battered if the hitting only happened after one night of drinking on one occasion.Show MoreRelatedMy Papas Waltz by Theodore Roethke Essay examples574 Words   |  3 PagesIn â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† by Theodore Roethke, was a great poem that can mean many different things to many different people of this world. To me I think it was just a boy who just wanted to spend time with his dad before he has to go to bed. The boy probably does not get to spend time with his dad that much. The father probably works all day and all week and this is the only time the boy gets to spend with him. Roethke use of words in this poem is amazing. The use of the words in this story can meanRead MoreEssay on Love Found Within Battered Knuckles and Cracked Hands690 Words   |  3 Pagesrole in which he plays. Accordingly, the poems â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† by Theodore Roethke and â€Å"Those Winter Sundays† by Robert Hayden both portray the relationship between a father and son and the manner in which they communicate and show love. However, while love is visible within both poems, the relationships within each poem cannot be more different and it is through the authors’ use of imagery that such relationship is revealed. In â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz,† Roethke uses imagery to portray the relationshipRead More My Papas Waltz Essay554 Words   |  3 Pages Revealing Child Abuse in â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In Theodore Roethke’s â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz,† the persona reveals an incidence of child abuse that happened earlier in his life. He divulges the occurrence of abuse through the use of certain words and noting the actions that go on during the â€Å"waltz.† Through the use of graphic diction, Roethke informs the reader that â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† depicts an episode of child abuse. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The persona Roethke createsRead MoreAnalysis Of My Papas Waltz By Theodore Roethke873 Words   |  4 Pagesof the poem â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† by Theodore Roethke has spurred passionate academic debate from professors, scholars, and students alike, the imagery, syntax, and diction of the poem clearly support the interpretation that Roethke writes â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† to look back at the fond memories he has as a child with his father. Roethke’s poem was published in 1961, he was born in 1908 so at the time of this memory he was only about five or six years old. In discussions of â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz,† one controversialRead MoreRoethkes Smart Balance of Joy, Fear and Tension in His Poem My Papa’s Waltz705 Words   |  3 Pagesa close friend or family member who becomes abusive and aggressive because of drug or alcohol related problems. My Papa’s waltz is a poem that tells the story of a young b oy dealing with an abusive father and a broken home. Despite the initial light atmosphere of the poem Theodore Roethke uses strong and powerful language to convey an underlined meaning to their dance. My Papas Waltz is a poem of fear, all the more horrible because the boy is terrified and hurt by his father, even in play, yet heRead More Misinterpretations of a Waltz in My Papa’s Waltz Essay662 Words   |  3 PagesMisinterpretations of a Waltz in My Papa’s Waltz  Ã‚   We romped until the pans / Slid from the kitchen shelf (5-6). In numerous poems different readers vista a variety of ways to interpret what poems actually mean. This is very much true in Theodore Roethkes poem My Papas Waltz. The quote mentioned has caused many misconceptions about what the poem; My Papas Waltz actually refers to. The two superior interpretations of critics are that Roethkes poem describes abuse or a dance. TheRead MoreThe Power Of A Father s Hand1514 Words   |  7 PagesThe Power of a Father’s Hand Eventually we will all grow older and take something away from our childhood that our parents taught us. I can only hope they will be positive like those in Tips from My Father by Carol Ann Davis, rather than possible negative experiences like the ones in My Papa s Waltz by Theodore Roethke. Although some feel like they do not gain or lose anything from their parent’s impact on them and do not believe that they are the ones who shape their character or actions theRead MoreMy Papas Waltz And Those Winter Sundays Analysis880 Words   |  4 Pagessilence. The poems My Papas Waltz, by Theodore Roethke and Those Winter Sundays, by Robert Hayden use the topic of emotionally-based childhood experiences that create a theme to signify their love for their fathers, but are displayed in different ways. The fundamental message conveyed is the importance of a father-son relationship when growing up. Each poem is written with a unique perspective, but they are able to be interpreted with similar ideas. In â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† Theodore Roethke describesRead MoreFamily Symbolism In Literature1134 Words   |  5 Pagesunit entitled Family, many of the works that are studied contain literary symbols that can be interpreted. Specifically, this essay will discuss symbols in My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke, Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, and Daddy by Sylvia Plath. The first work studied in the family unit that contains obvious use of symbolism is My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke. In a poem with a name of a popular dancing style literally in the title, one would expect to see some dancing. However, a better wordRead More Childhood Memories in My Papas Waltz by Theodore Roethke and Piano by D.H. Lawrence613 Words   |  3 PagesChildhood Memories in My Papas Waltz by Theodore Roethke and Piano by D.H. Lawrence My Papas Waltz by Theodore Roethke and Piano by D.H. Lawrence are two poems in which grown men recall memories of their childhood. My Papas Waltz has a quietly sad, almost resigned tone as Roethke relives his nightly dances with his father as a young boy. Lawrences Piano is somewhat dreamy as a man is taken back by a song to his childhood. While both are presented to us through similar personas

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Project Management Program Evaluation And Review Technique

Probably the most important techniques that a project manager must master is the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) or Arrow Diagram Method (ADM) as known by the Project Management Institute. This method is one of the most common scheduling models in project management (Meredith Mantel, 2009, p 21). A method that analyzes the probabilities of a project finalizing on time. The PERT identifies the worst, best and most likely case scenarios and aids the project manager in developing a simple project schedule while considering risks and deciding which risks to take. Since every project deals with uncertainty at some level and in some form, the PERT is in my opinion the number one technique that every project manager must be well educated on. Ranking second is the Critical Path Method (CPM) or Precedence Diagram Method (PDM). Also considered next to PERT as one of the most common approaches in project management. CPM adds some strength into the scheduling and planning phases of project management by resolving issues with resource allocation (Meredith Mantel, 2009, p 383). CPM takes into consideration the possibilities of decreasing the duration of the project by analyzing the required tasks and resource availability and needs. Crashing a project is a common approach utilized with CPM since its objective is to shorten the length of the project while considering costs tradeoffs. The third most important tool is the Gantt chart due to its value as a secondaryShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of A Project Management Skills1117 Words   |  5 PagesThe importance to teach project management skills through this course cannot be emphasized enough as it remains to be the most sought after expertise for organizations across the work force industry. The knowledge imparted through this course has influenced the ability to manage projects by introducing specific frame work customized to the project needs. As the coursework required analyzing projects from diverse industries, it provided an opportunity to assess the project cycle with respect to theirRead MoreApplying Pert And Critical Path Method1181 Words   |  5 PagesAPPLYING PERT AND CRITICAL PATH METHOD IN EVENT MANAGEMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. ABSTRACT 2. INTRODUCTION 3. METHODOLOGY 4. FIGURES 5. METHODOLOGY 6. CONCLUSION 7. REFERENCES LIST OF FIGURES 1. Representing the activities to be performed, the necessary time and its costs 2. Chart PERT representing the tasks between the time and costs of the organization trainer 3. The PERT chart representing the critical path, its cost and the total time of dance training. 4. Representing theRead MoreLevel 2 Skills Essay1302 Words   |  6 Pages I can document annual evaluations for 8 direct reporting employee and review annual evaluations for 83 second-line reporting employees; well enough to ensure accurate reporting and documenting of performance. B. The Knowledge and Cognitive Dimension The Knowledge Dimension If I have knowledge of, Factual: the Employee Performance Evaluation is processed within the CAPPS (Centralized Accounting Payroll/Personnel System). I am able to access, view, and select evaluation actions for each directRead MoreProject Management Scheduling1657 Words   |  7 PagesTitle Successful Project Management Scheduling outcomes: A Theoretical Comparative Analysis of networking techniques between Event, Chain with other traditional methodologies Research Question Why it is important to conduct a comparative analysis of Event, Chain with other traditional methodologies and investigate how it contributes in being Successful scheduling techniques in Project Management discipline? Introduction to Dissertation Nowadays, Project scheduling plays lot of benefactorRead MoreOverview Of An Implementation Of A Healthcare System1577 Words   |  7 Pagessystem As lead project manager, I will be creating an implementation of a new EHR system for a large multi-campus hospital system. Below I will be providing information regarding the methods that will be ensure a successful adoption of the new system. EHR is patient information collected electronically using a data warehouse so clinical information can be shared within healthcare organizations (Harrison, 2016). The process in which I am following will include, applying quality management tools, performanceRead MoreMis Project Management At First National Bank1747 Words   |  7 PagesMIS Project Management at First National Bank Summary of Findings Despite First National Bank (FNB) is one of the fastest growing banks in Midwest, during the created and implement the Information Services Division (ISD), in its project management some problem can be identified. The following these factors are the primary deficient of the project has been tabled: 1) The decision-making process of ISD is too long and high temporal cost of Priority Committee; 2) The organizational structure is notRead MoreImproving The Poor Estimating Methods Of Using Dummy Variables765 Words   |  4 PagesIn the event there was poor estimating techniques used will cause risk management into the process to have to overcome unknowns. Some techniques to improve the poor estimating techniques is developing the process. According to Kerzner (2013), functional managers typically allocate the possibility additional required time or cost for cushion. The inflation of the allocated time or cost will time to ratify challenges. But in order to prevent poor estimating time i n the future our organization can talkRead More Time and Cost Estimating Techniques Essay1233 Words   |  5 PagesCost Estimating Techniques Estimating work times provides several benefits for the project manager. It gives an idea of the level of effort required to complete a project. This information then enables the project manager to produce a realistic plan based upon that effort. Estimating also helps the project manager anticipate the budget for the project. There are many formal techniques available to estimate time and cost for activities. Please refer to the Project Management Reference SectionRead MoreDesign And Development Of Simulator For Risk Analysis1680 Words   |  7 Pagesdone by the project manager is to maintain the balance between time and cost and also adjust the optimal project schedule. To resolve the schedule and cost risk of the software the Monte Carlo Simulation method is used with the help of Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT ) . With this technique the Schedule and cost risk will be analyzed so the project manager can apply or implement some mitigation process on software on the right time. Keywords- Scheduling; Risk analysis; Program EvaluationRead MoreProject Management And The Roles And Responsibilities Of Project Manager922 Words   |  4 Pages Initially I had a view that project management is organized planned objective of an organization with the consideration of all other constraints like budget cost, man-power and utilizing resources. From the classes my knowledge on project management has enhanced. Here I comes to know the different kinds of management in an organization and the roles and responsibilities of project manager, line manager, functional manager and sponsor. Project manager responsible for coordinating and merging activities

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After Goodnight Mister Tom Creative Writing Free Essays

Thick clouds of smoke and ash billowed from the chimneys of every factory as far as the eye could see. The factories all looked the same, tall grey box-like structures erected from the ground. There was no color here. We will write a custom essay sample on After Goodnight Mister Tom Creative Writing or any similar topic only for you Order Now No happiness. It had been 7 years since last came to the city. I never wanted to come back, thought the memories would be too painful, but Mr.. Tom made me come. He said it would be good for me to get over my past. As I looked around, I remembered back to when the station was full of soldiers going off to the war. The bombing had clearly taken its toll on the city. It had been nearly a year since the end of the war and many factories were still damaged. Had become so accustom to the country life that I forgot what the city was like, what is smelled like, what it tasted like. I never thought would be returning to the city where so many bad memories took place. I walked down the station platform to a bench, the same bench where I found my mother that last time I arrived here, it looked to be the very same bench, even after all these years. The city had changed so much, it seemed to be the only thing that hadn’t, and everything was much more boring and plain. Liked down the street looking at all the factories and buildings. The further walked the smaller the buildings became, until they were just houses on the outskirts of the city. I turned down the street of where I used to stay. I stopped outside an old house. My house. This is where was abused, told I was useless and that nobody cares for me, this is where my mother left me. I never liv ed here, it was only a home in which I slept and ate. To me, my home is, and always will be, in Little Weirdo. As the sky began to darken, the autumn leaves glowed a bright orange in the twilight. A red overlay covered the city. The sun a rich red and clouds a bright pink. I turned away and started to look for a place to sleep, an inn. As the last light faded, the sky became a dark blue, the stars twinkling in the night sky and the cool night air whistling in through the open window. I sat down my things in the room and laid on the bed. Tomorrow I will go visit the rest of London, to see what has changed, or what hasn’t. I will visit the school where used to go, maybe it’s still open. Maybe it’s not even there, blown up like the rest of the buildings seemed to be. Darkness overcame me and heaviness filled my eyelids, the strength to hold them open had long left me. How to cite After Goodnight Mister Tom Creative Writing, Papers

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Imagery by Edwin Arlington Robinson Essay Sample free essay sample

Mrs. Hawks English CP 1 10 April 2012 Imagery by Edwin Arlington Robinson Edwin Arlington Robinson was born in Head Tide. Maine on December 22. 1869. He moved to a town named Gardiner where he grew up ; the town subsequently provided the theoretical account for a series of verse forms that he wrote throughout his calling as a poet ( Peschel ) . Robinson attended Harvard from 1891 to 1893 even though his parents were against traveling to a school of higher value for the instruction. President Theodore Roosevelt helped Robinson acquire a occupation at the New York Custom House as a clerk in 1905. There. he realized his true passion in life was composing ( Scott ) . Robinson became the first major American poet of the 20th century. â€Å"unique in that he devoted his life to poetry and volitionally paid the monetary value in poorness and obscurity† ( Peschel ) . He was a great poet and could utilize metaphors to enable the reader to be able to visualize his characters and scenes in their heads. Many of Robinson’s plants follow the same forms. He describes his characters personality through adjectives of the individual or of the scene. Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poems â€Å"Miniver Cheevy† . â€Å"Charles Carville’s Eyes† . and â€Å"Richard Cory† usage imagination to make work forces who are non satisfied with themselves. Imagery is â€Å"the formation of mental images. figures. or similitudes of things. or of such images jointly. † or â€Å"pictorial images and mental images† ( Quinn ) . Edwin Arlington Robinson normally doesn’t use imagination from the natural universe. but if or when he does. the images are functional and are made from metaphors and symbolic context ( Scott ) . Every metaphor or simile that Robinson uses while composing his verse form constitutes an image of some kind. His imagination tends to prosecute the readers on their â€Å"sense experience† ( Quinn ) and this enables them to re -create the narrative. Robinson uses words like â€Å"grew lean† . â€Å"bright† . â€Å"iron clothing† . or â€Å"insufficient eyes. † These words help the reader to visualise how the characters in the poem expression or their demeanour. Robinson wants the reader to experience like they are in the verse form. In the verse form. â€Å"Miniver Cheevy† . â€Å"Charles Carville’s Eyes† . and â€Å"Richard Cory† Robinson lets the reader be able to visualize the work forces and how they are experiencing like they are neer satisfied. â€Å"Miniver Cheevy† portrays a adult male who misses and complains about losing the yesteryear. He non merely misses the good. but besides the bad. Cheevy is normally described as â€Å"a mocking self-portrait† ( Squires ) The manner Robinson’s tone is in this verse form. it gives the reader imagination of a tired and crabbed old adult male who is neer satisfied with anything in his life. The reader could conceive of him as being average. Cheevy is described as â€Å"lean† . Robinson says. â€Å"Swords were bright and steeds were tittuping ; † and â€Å"warrior bold† . He goes on to state in his verse form â€Å"He missed the medieval grace Of Fe vesture. † The manner Robinson uses his im agination here. he gives the feeling that he used to be in the armed forces or he lived during a clip of war. The reader gets the image of the art epoch. or Renaissance. Robinson writes â€Å"Miniver scorned the sought ; but sore annoyed was he without it ; † . Again. this is Miniver Cheevy non being satisfied with himself. By the terminal of the verse form. Miniver Cheevy has come to footings with the fact that he no longer lives in the times of the yesteryear. Robinson says. â€Å"Miniver Cheevy. born excessively late. / scratched his caput and kept on thought ; / Miniver coughed. and called it destiny. and kept on imbibing. † â€Å"Richard Cory† is about a adult male who is the richest adult male in town and everyone wants to cognize him and everyone wants to be him but despite all of his great qualities and ownerships. he still is non satisfied with himself. The manner Robinson describes Cory is that â€Å"He was a gentleman from sole to coronate. / clean-favoured and imperially slender. † The reader would hold a mind image of a tall adult male who is nice and â€Å"king like† ( Anderson ) . He portrays images or royalty when he says â€Å"We people on the paving looked at him† ( Robinson ) . When Robinson writes the words. â€Å"imperially slim† it shows how empty and fragile he is ( Bruccoli ) . Besides. when Robinson writes. â€Å"quietly arrayed† and â€Å"he was ever human when he talked† it shows that he is normal on the interior and he wants to be normal to the people in his town. once more. demoing that he is non satisfied with himself. Richard Cory was so unsated with himself. that â€Å"one composure summer night† ( Robinson ) he went place and â€Å"put a slug through his caput. † ( Robinson ) The fact that it was a â€Å"calm summer night† shows imagination of it all being normal and that he did non kill himself on any peculiar dark. This shows that he is unhappy on good and bad yearss. The verse form â€Å"Charles Carville’s Eyes† is about a adult male who tries to look happy to everyone but realistically. he is mourning on the interior. In this. it shows that he is non satisfied with himself for unknown grounds. The reader gets the mental image that Charles Carville’s eyes are dull and lifeless. Robinson says. â€Å"His deficient eyes. everlastingly sad: / in them there was no life-glimpse. good or bad. / nor rejoice nor passion in them of all time gleamed† ( Robinson ) . Robinson says. â€Å"Once you knew him. for his oral cavity redeemed† . All Carville wants is to be peoples friend and one time he was. his image changed. â€Å"His oral cavity was all of him that of all time beamed. / his eyes were regretful. but his oral cavity was glad† . said Robinson. Robinson besides portrays him as being unheard and â€Å"out of touch† with the remainder of society. The reader might believe that he is non satisfied with himself because he wants to be heard by the remainder of the community. In Edward Arlington Robinson’s poems â€Å"Miniver Cheevy† . â€Å"Charles Carville’s Eyes† . and â€Å"Richard Cory† Robinson uses similes and metaphors and shows three different men’s personality but all three work forces have something in common. they all are non satisfied with themselves. In â€Å"Richard Cory† and â€Å"Charles Carville’s Eyes† Robinson shows all of the men’s features. physically and mentally. In â€Å"Miniver Cheevy† Robinson portrays the man’s mental issues more that his physical. Overall. all three work forces are non satisfied with themselves. Plants Cited Anderson. Wallace L. â€Å"On â€Å"Richard Cory†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Modern American Poetry. American National Biography. Web. 29 February 2012. Bovee. Timothy. â€Å"‘Miniver Cheevy. †Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ DayPoems. The DayPoems Poetry Collection. Web. 22 March 2012 Bruccoli. Matthew. â€Å"‘Richard Cory. †Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Student’s Encyclopedia of American Literary Characters. 2012 Bloom’s Literary Reference Online. Web. 26 February 2012. Fetzer. Scott. â€Å"Robinson. Edwin A. † The World BookEncyclopedia. 2010 erectile dysfunction. Print. Peschel. Bill. â€Å"Edwin Arlington Robinson’s Life and Career. † Modern American Poetry. American National Biography. Web. 26 February 2012 Quinn. Edward. â€Å"Imagery† A Dictionary of Literary and Thematic Footings. 2012 Bloom’s Literary Reference Online. Web. 10 April 2012 Robinson. Edwin Arlington. â€Å"Richard Cory† Poem Hunter. Web. 31 December 2002 Robinson. Edwin Arlington. â⠂¬Å"Charles Carville’s Eyes† Poem Hunter. Web. 3 January 2003 Squires. Rodcliffe. â€Å"On â€Å"‘Miniver Cheevy†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Modern American Poetry. American National Biography. Web. 29 March 2012

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Rap Music Artist free essay sample

Dry. Watkins points out, that the fact of us ND others being bombarded with these negative images of the young Black Male in the mass media, appears to be taking a heavy toll in terms of the self-image of far too many young Black people and in the way these young people are perceived In the minds of the country, even the world, at large. Dry. Tyson on the other hand Is quite right when he points out that Hip Hop Is not the only source of this negativity. He also points out that much of this negativity began before the advent of Hip Hop.I personally find that the two men basically compliment one anothers view points to the extent that it feels more like a conversation than a debate. Anyway, both of the good Professors bring forth many important points and underline out many of the problems we are facing. We will write a custom essay sample on Rap Music Artist or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Most of the points they bring out though, are not new to many of us, while they may be informative to some of the white students at Brown University. Our task at hand now, as before, is to come up with the solutions to these problems and nip in the bud, any further loss of the members of any of our future generations of young Black Americans.America has never and never could have existed without the African American contribution and It never will be able to. That goes for economic, military, cultural, moral and spiritual realms alike. The sooner we all, understand and operate from this premise the sooner well be able to make this a place that works for everyone here. I believe that certain rappers should take more responsibility for their controversial lyrics because what they say does influence the young people of the world in many different ways. In my paper I would like to use Outpace Muar Shaker for example.Outpace Muar Shaker, also known by his stage names OPAC and briefly as Machiavelli, was an American rapper and actor. Shaker has old over 75 million albums worldwide as of 2010, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. Most of Tubas songs are about growing up in violence and hardship in ghettos, racism, other social problems and conflicts with other rappers during the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry. Outpace became quite a sensation, earning praise for his musical and acting talent as well as condemnation for his explicit, violent lyrics.Tubas music shows that he was Into violence and the typical gangster lifestyle. Outpace Shaker was next to Join Death Row Records after Executive Producer Segue Knight paid $1. Million to bail him out of a New York prison Death Row and the east-coast based Bad Boy record label. His track titled Hit Me Up was produced as a simple statement from Outpace and Death Row to Bad Boy. Before this release, Outpace was shot with five bullets and blamed the shooting on Bad Boy. Lyrics read: Killing anti fair but somebody got to do it Youd better back the buck up before you get smacked the buck up This is how we do it on our side. Any of you insignias from New York that want to bring it, bring it. But we anti singing we bringing drama. Buck you and your monotheistic mama. We goanna kill all you mother bucks Well this is how we goanna do this Buck bad boy as a staff, record label, and as a monotheistic crew. And if you want be down with Bad Boy, then buck you too. All of you all motherless buck you, die slow motherhoods. My 44 makes sure all your all kids dont grow. .. West side till we die Buck me we Bad Boy killing. This song would make a young person think it is okay to have gang violence in order to receive respect from the people you want respect from. Instead of promoting gang violence he could have told them it wasnt worth it. With the guidance of Segue Knight he was promoting the opposite of keeping the peace. The Executive Producer of Death Row Records was Segue Knight. Originally from the streets of Southern California, Knight believed that success stemmed from approval from within. Considering his home as the ghetto, Knight stated: The success comes from the streets.Before you can cross over and go to pop, the ghetto got to accept you first. Then you get kids in Utah saying everybody in Compton, Long Beach, and Watts is playing this and dancing to this. This is all right. So you goat go with the ghetto first, period (CTD. In MAT Productions). Knights goal was to portray gangster life in the ghetto as the standard f life everywhere. He wanted to make everyone believe that the hard-core gangsters in Southern California have a good time listening, watching, and living this way, so we can too if we listen to the music and act like the stars in the music videos.However, music videos are not reality and the images of guns, sex, and violence that they contain do not lead to moral lives. When actions like the ones portrayed in the music and in the videos are carried out, there are huge consequences. On the other hand, another song of Outpace Shakers showed a very different side of him and his sic. The song was called Dear Mama dedicated to his mother Affine Shaker, and basically to all mothers around the world. Tubas song Dear Mama was released as the first single for his solo album Me against the World.It was quickly regarded as one of Tubas best works and one of the best rap songs ever. Dear Mama has such emotional range beyond the genre that it was actually chosen to be preserved in the U. S. Library of Congress in 2009. Dear Mama stands out as an example of Tubas true artistry and willingness to address emotional issues that helps him stand out. Although Tubas career was tragically brief and wrought with controversy regarding his gangs rap image, he has become recognized as one of the greatest lyricists to ever rap and example of the genres potential. Dear Mama was gritty and unflinching in its portrayal of Tubas mother and her flaws, but it also recognized the difficulty of being a young single mother in her position. The song is especially unique because it places Outpace outside of the typical rapper image and exposes his vulnerability as a son. Dear Mama shows Tubas emotional range and speaks to sons and mothers everywhere. One moment this artist can talk about We bad boy think this artist should take more responsibility with his music?Yes, I do, because I feel as though if you are going to promote sex, gang violence, and killing you cant turn around and promote respect for mothers over the wor ld. As a famous rapper that people actually love, people will take what he says very seriously and think its cool to do. Then they will go because he said he appreciates his mother theyll say l appreciate my mother and dedicate Dear Mama to her. Artist should be very careful as to what they say and how they say it, or dont say it at all.The reason as to why Outpace can be so different on two songs is because, the songs that Outpace wrote were primarily the way he felt about something going on in his life that had happened, or was happening. This artist was someone who would tell the truth and nothing but the truth and exactly how it was to the public eye. He wasnt afraid to speak his mind and how he felt. You have a right to express your feelings as a human being. I think it is very important that people express themselves instead of holding everything inside. Music was genuinely Tubas way of self-expression.With all that being said I eave to agree with Dry. Boyce Watkins because I feel that children and young adult, and maybe even adults are absorbing what these rappers are saying. People are praising their music and embedding the lyrics in their minds to live with and act on in their everyday lives. As an artist that creates music for people to listen to and to love, the lyrics should be responsible and enlightening words not arrogant and disrespectful. There isnt one person to blame for all rappers lyrics but what people need to understand is that this is an ongoing problem in the black community that needs to be changed.

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3 Questions To Guide Your Marketing Program With Michael Brenner

3 Questions To Guide Your Marketing Program With Michael Brenner Successful marketing takes more than just running ads, publishing articles, and designing newsletters. With so many moving parts, running a successful marketing program can be elusive. So, use a thoughtful and simple framework to cut straight to the heart of what it means and what it looks like to get consistent results. Today, we’re talking to Michael Brenner, the CEO of Marketing Insider Group and co-author of The Content Formula. He shares his global perspective and the secret to success when it comes to content marketing. Michael discovered that he had an aptitude for helping customers at scale Counter-intuitive nature of life applies to marketing; there’s a lot more to marketing than just advertising, which we hate and tune out We perceive marketing in the wrong way; it’s a two-way communication between a company and its customers What type of marketing works? Things that are not selfish, promotional, and interruptive, but aligned to what customers are wanting and what helps them Marketing starts with culture, and growth equates to the amount of empathy a company has for its customers, employees, and world Mission Statement: What is your purpose? Meaning? What do you achieve for the people you touch? Step 1: No matter what you are working on or what role you play in the company, always ask: What’s in it for the customers? Do less promotion in advertising and more content marketing or education Identify the amount of integration and interaction that occurs across the company Step 2: What’s in it for your colleagues? Marketing goes beyond the marketing department; it’s a collaborative and magical effort Step 3: What’s in it for the company? Conversions and ROI of content marketing Culture, empathy, and performance lead to effective and successful marketing Michael tries to do 2 things every day: Be thankful and show empathy (T E) Links: Michael Brenner Michael Brenner on Twitter Marketing Insider Group The Content Formula Jim Stengel’s Grow AMP on iTunes leave a review and send screenshot to If you liked today’s show, please subscribe on iTunes to The Actionable Content Marketing Podcast! The podcast is also available on SoundCloud, Stitcher, and Google Play. Quotes by Michael Brenner:: â€Å"If you just help your customers, or help your buyers buy, and answer the questions that they have in that journey, then you can really succeed.† â€Å"There’s a lot more to marketing than just advertising.† â€Å"Selling is helping buyers buy, and marketing is helping buyers buy, as well, but at scale.†

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Advanced critical writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advanced critical writing - Essay Example This is especially the case where employees are set for promotion and career growth. The noble cause of training and developing the human resources is however not without flaws. Training carries potential financial risks and brain drain, especially when trained employees quit immediately after receiving the training. In light of this, training should be accompanied by best practices in employee management such as motivation and proper staffing in order to achieve the best outcomes. This paper argues that employee training is vital to organizations and individual staffs. Employee training and development improves the performance by eliminating most of the weaknesses in the staffs in the workplace. A training initiative enables the organization to sharpen those skills needed by each staff to limit errors and carry out tasks satisfactorily and within a reasonable duration of time (Jayakumar, David, & Sulthan, 2014). Such programs bring all the staffs covered by it to a higher pedestal where the skill-sets and knowledge are relatively uniform. This limits any weaknesses within the human resources which may otherwise prompt heavy reliance on a few staffs to complete certain tasks. Providing the vital training and development creates generally knowledgeable workforces who can stand in for one another and thus improve functioning teams that can work independently without continuous assistance and supervision (Sung, & Choi, 2014). In addition, Latif, Jan and Shaheen (2013) suggested that training limits employee burnout and high turnover rates which otherw ise would be ubiquitous in a workplace environment where the company relies of a few skilled employees to perform non-technical jobs. A structured employee training and development initiative ensures that the staffs have reliable experience and contextual knowledge to handle virtually any corporate challenge which they may come across. Jayakumar, David and